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Our Two Industry Leading Wood Pellet Brands

High BTU. Low Ash. Low Fines.
The preferred choice of Colorado consumers since 2008.

High Mountain Wood Pellet Fuel

Rocky Mountain Wood Pellets

Our Rocky Mountain Wood Pellets are super-premium quality wood pellets - the highest quality available on the market. Available in 40 lb. bags or super sacks, this is an eco-friendly heating source.

Made in the USA.

High Mountain Wood Pellets

EcoFlame Wood Pellets

One of the most recognized brands in the market, EcoFlame Wood Pellets are a premium quality heating pellet at a great price. Available in 40 lb. bags or super sacks, this is a an eco-friendly heating source.

Made in the USA.

Our wood pellet brands exceed the Fuel Pellet Institute standards for Premium Wood Fuel Pellets.

A clean burning, low ash, low fines, NO additives renewable energy source for home heating.

Our fuel pellets are made from virgin timber harvested from the Rocky Mountain Forests then transported to our state-of-the-art facility where the chipped wood is dried and pressed into clean, pure, all-natural wood pellets. Our products consistently meet and exceed PFI (Pellet Fuels Institute) standards for quality and heat output.

Benefits of Wood Fuel Pellets

Good for the Environment and the Pocketbook

There are many benefits to using wood pellets for heating. In the US an estimated 1,000,000 residences and businesses are currently heating with pellets. Wood pellet fuel burns cleaner than cord wood, emitting less than 15% of the particulates that a regular wood-fired furnace or stove emits.

Doing Something Good for Colorado and the Planet

High Mountain Processing produces its wood pellets using trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle: an invasive species which has devastated more than 7 million acres of Colorado and Wyoming Forests. Removing these dead trees enables substantially faster forest regeneration and eliminates forest fuels that are susceptible to the all-too-common mega fires plaguing the Rocky Mountain forests.

Using wood pellets allows customers to heat their home or business in a sustainable way – in harmony with the environment. Wood pellets have a fossil energy ratio (net energy output/fossil energy used) of 12:1. (Net Energy Value Study, University of Wisconsin Green Bay). Additionally, our pellets are locally produced and delivered to nearby markets which reduces the emissions and costs related to long distance transportation.

Uncompromising Quality

Manufacturer's Guaranteed Analysis

GradeSuper Premium
MaterialPine & Spruce
Ash0.5% or less
Fines0.5% or less
Bulk Density40+ lbs per cu ft
Durability Index97.5 or more
Heating Value BTU/LB8,000 BTU or greater

It is our corporate philosophy to produce the highest quality product on the market. Our wood is a pine/spruce which produces the highest BTU ratings, more than hardwoods or other woods. We use debarked wood from our own sawmill operations which allows us to eliminate the chance of impurities entering the material stream. Our facility is state-of-the-art and we test our production daily to assure a low moisture, low ash, quality product. Finally, we send our pellets out to be independently tested. All of which help us assure that we are providing pellets that are unsurpassed in quality.