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EcoPett® Bedding

EcoPett Wood Bedding Pellets


This natural, pine pellet bedding provides a dry, comfortable and dust-free base for equine and other animals. Pound for pound, EcoPett™ is the most absorbent bedding you can get – saving as much as 50% compared to other bedding options.

EcoPett® Bedding

Perfect for horse and other livestock enclosures, this natural, pine pellet animal bedding breaks down easily. It is sustainably produced from Rocky Mountain beetle-killed pine trees. The pellet expands up to five times its size when exposed to moisture making it super-absorbent. Unlike other materials that can become entirely saturated when exposed to moisture, EcoPett® Bedding swiftly binds moisture into small areas. That leaves more of the surface dry and comfortable. Additionally, the pellets quickly become a shock absorbent base for your animals and livestock change horses to livestock. Pound for pound, EcoPett® is the most absorbent bedding you can find saving you as much as 50% compared to other bedding solutions.

High Quality-easy to use

EcoPett’s® bedding formulas are specifically engineered for stalls and pens where horse, livestock, small animals and poultry reside. The compact wood pellets expand to form an all-natural, uniform base that is highly absorbent to moisture, hypoallergenic, safe and relatively free of dust.

Cleaning the stall or enclosure is easier and requires removing significantly less soiled material than with sawdust or shavings. You’ll save on labor and material costs. The compact size of the product packaging is easy to handle and requires less storage space. Soiled bedding breaks down easily and makes a great, natural compost.

Benefits of Wood Pellet Bedding

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Instructions for Use with Equine, Livestock, and Small Animals

Start with a clean stall. Use 5-6 bags of EcoPett® bedding to start a 12 foot X 12 foot stall – scale to your stall or enclosure size. Empty bags onto the floor of the stall or enclosure. Cover pellet surface with water, up to 1 gallon per bag. Let pellets stand for 10 minutes while they expand. Next, spread pellets to about 2 inches in depth. Pellets will expand to 4 inches over a few days. Use a stall fork or similar tined tool to remove soiled areas and maintain a dry environment. Allow unsoiled bedding to fall through the tines. Discard waste. Spread dry bedding to cover any exposed flooring. Refresh by adding EcoPett® bedding as need to maintain a depth of 4 inches.

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