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EcoSponge™ is a dehydrated, densified cellulose fiber that is used in the oil and gas industry to solidify and stabilize drill cuttings, and for the solidification of liquid waste and treatment of other E&P waste streams. Our proprietary, patented EcoSponge™ products are engineered to be oleophilic and to solidify and stabilize all types of drilling fluids and drill cuttings including water-based mud, oil-based mud, and brine. The product is manufactured in four different grind sizes to meet your site-specific requirements and will absorb 3 to 8 times its volume in most absorption applications.

Our premium bioremediation product contains additives specifically designed to absorb and remediate water-based drill cuttings including hydrocarbons, chlorides, heavy metals, other contaminates, as well as, balance pH levels. Once the hydrocarbons are absorbed into the cell walls of EcoSponge™, the unwanted material will then start to bioremediate.

Why EcoSponge™?

Benefits of Bioremediation

EcoSponge™ can be used for:


EcoSponge™ can be utilized as a bioremediation, solidification, and absorbent product in virtually any oil and gas application. EcoSponge™ may be used on cuttings, soils, hard surfaces, etc. and is non-abrasive. On application, our bioremediation product immediately begins to encapsulate the unwanted contaminates. The hydrocarbons will be encapsulated within the cell walls of the product. EcoSponge’s™ naturally occurring microorganisms will immediately begin to break down the hydrocarbons. Once the contaminates are encapsulated, the unwanted material is then considered to be biodegradable and can be left on site or disposed of in spread fields. EcoSponge™ will also absorb and encapsulate heavy metals from soils and liquids. The capillary action of EcoSponge™ reduces issues of leaching.

Recommended application:

Typical application is 1 part EcoSponge™ to 7 parts contaminated soil. EcoSponge™ can be partially rehydrated prior to mixing with contaminated soil.


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