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A wood based micro fiber specifically designed to absorb hydrocarbons, oil based material and other contaminates from the surface of water. Our proprietary product is engineered to be oleophilic and can be used on salt, fresh water and hard surface applications. Once the hydrocarbons or contaminates are absorbed into the cell walls of Eco-PondSweep™, the unwanted material is considered biodegradable. Eco-PondSweep™ will absorb 4 to 5 times is volume in most absorption applications.

Why EcoPondSweep™?


EcoPondSweep™ is utilized as an absorbent for surface water and hard surface contaminations. EcoPondSweep™ can be spread over water surfaces. The product will immediately begin to encapsulate the unwanted hydrocarbon spills. The hydrocarbons or other contaminates will be encapsulated within the cell walls of EcoPondSweep™.

EcoPondSweep™ propriety patented microorganisms will immediately begin to break down the hydrocarbons. The unwanted material is then considered to be biodegrade and can be left on site or disposed of in most land fills. The product works on water applications. EcoPondSweep™ is also able to absorb and encapsulate heavy metals from liquids. The capillary action of EcoPondSweep™ reduces issues of leaching.


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