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EcoSeal™ LCM is a fine, pellet-based wood product specifically designed and engineered for drilling applications. Its purpose is to prevent fluid loss into porous formations in most water, light salt and some oil-based drilling applications. The product is readily dispersible into most applications. Once down hole, the product expands in formation, reducing the risk of  dislodging due to change in differential pressure making the product dramatically more effective than other low cost LCMs. The densified product withstands substantially higher down hole pressures significantly better than other cellulous materials.

Why EcoSeal™?

Typical LCM provides only shallow matting and bridging. EcoSeal™ LCM flows deeper into the formation and then expands, creating superior down hole effectiveness and down hole strength.


EcoSeal™ effectively controls fluid loss in most mud applications, including most fresh water, light salt and some oil-based applications. Designed to replace other fibrous material, such as rice hulls, sawdust, cottonseed hulls, etc. this product will significantly outperform other fibrous materials. It is compatible with a very broad range of other additives in most mud applications. It’s very effective in highly permeable formations. The product has been proven to provide significant bore hole sweeping properties.

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